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Post by Rasari on Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:25 pm

Rasari sat on the ground, crossed legged and meditating. He had been pursuing his targets for several days, unseen and silent. Three of them, criminals, murders. Merceneries they called themselves, selling their skills to the highest bidder. No matter how dirty the job, these men were unafraid of doing it, so long as the price was right.

Scum, in other words.

Rasari could hear them. He could smell their chakra, their filthy being. Sitting around their fire and celebrating their latest payment. Celebrating the deaths they had just caused in the name of profit. There was no need to bring these ones in alive. This was not something he did for money. He did it because there were some people out there who just didn't deserve to breath. There were a lot of people who didn't deserve to breath. A lot of people who deserved to die. Who needed to die.

Rasari snapped out his revere with a jerk. He mentally slapped himself. He couldn't allow himself to go back down that road. That way lay wrath and guilt and much, much blood. He wasn't killing these men for vengence or out of anger. They had destroyed peace, and would continue to do so until they were stopped. So he was here to stop them. There was no place for doubt in this matter. He knew well the hypocrasy of his work. Killing for peace was like putting out a fire with oil. One day, like his grandfather, he hoped that such actions were unneeded, that the peace could be maintained through co-operation and understanding, and that the blood-soaked past could be laid to rest.

Until that time, however... he and his brethren would continue the long, hard work.

Getting up, he silently made his way to the enemies camp. He wouldn't even need to use any jutsu for this execept the Nen Hitei. He made his way right behind the one standing guard, hiding in the mans shadow for a little while, waiting for the other two to move a bit further into the line of there campfire before sliding the kunai smootly into his throat. Dragging his body quietly into the undergrowth, Rasari flitted from shadow to shadow, targetting the next two. No need to play this one quiet.

A shade seperated from a tree, and one of the merceneries look at it curiously before realisation dawned on his face. It was the last expression that ever made it to his face, since Rasari's sword burried itself in his cranium a second later. The last man looked around at the sound and saw his friends' corpse on the floor, blood beginning to pool around him. He gave a curse and ran to the body, turning it over to see what had happened, calling to the sentry that was no longer there. Which was a mistake.

Rasari gave a small smile as he heard the explosion of the tag he placed on the body go off. One less troublesome bother. Another step towards peace. Not much, but...

Baby steps.
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